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Balaji Engineers - Manufacturer of Electrical Equipments and Government Licensed Electrical Contractor in  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, India
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Balaji Engineers - Manufacturer of Electrical Equipments and Government Licensed Electrical Contractor in  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, India

Highmast Lighting System

High Mast is mainly divided in to Motorized (With lowering rising system) and Fixed type (Without lowering rising system) the Application of both units are different according to their end use,

High Mast selection is main key point in area lighting, Height of Mast, No of Fittings, Wattage of Fitting is all are to be considering points while selection of Mast, Balaji Engineers, technical team visit site first for primary survey to provide best techno-commercial solution about Area lighting to client, Excess lighting may effect your electricity bill and under lighting may create black spots by which purpose of area lighting will not be served,

Balaji Engineers supplied and erected High Mast upto 25 Meters height. We are erected High Mast in various Sugar mills, Ratanagiri Sea shore sea shore, Kagal Gaibi Chowk, Ghodawat Intentional School were we installed Stadium type High Mast, Indocount Industries Ltd, Biltube industries ltd these are some of Balaji Engineers esteemed clients,

Highmast Lighting System
Highmast Lighting System
Highmast Lighting System
Highmast Lighting System
Highmast Lighting System
Highmast Lighting System

Repair and Maintenance of High Mast Tower

Winch repairing, replacement, Wire rope changing, Trailing cable changing, Coloring of tower, High Mast dismantling, Shifting of high mast at other location, Re alignment of tower, Over all maintenance of tower, Other tower work like, street pole, stadium tower, electric banner pole, latish tower lighting, Any lighting pole color work, Any lighting pole maintenance work.

Erection and Installation of High Mast

Foundation for high mast, Installation, Erection, Commissioning, and testing, Wire rope fixed to top pooli is re-operated to pooli without dismantling high mast, Trailing cable changing, Replacement of Lamp Chock etc.

We are experts in installing, commissioning and maintaining high mast lighting systems


Our experienced and capable team of high mast installation experts are on hand to run your entire high mast lighting projects from start to finish. We can manage all on-site installation requirements. We are Govt. Electrical registered Contractor for Electrical installations and We have experience of all types of installations from sports lighting to air Street lightings, and highways lighting.


Once the high mast lighting system is installed we can commission it for you. This involves ensuring the lighting, electrics and any controls systems are fully functioning as per the lighting design.


Ingoing maintenance of your high mast lighting is vital. It ensures your system will stand the test of time and also complies with your health & safety obligations. With our ongoing maintenance packages you can be sure we have thoroughly checked the system to ensure your peace of mind. For more information on our three levels of maintenance.

High mast structures

There are a variety of high mast lighting structures. Different options have different pros and cons and we can help guide your choice. This ensures that your high mast lighting system is appropriate for your site and ongoing requirements.

The four choices are illustrated below, from left to right these are; lowering headframe; fixed; mid-hinged; base-hinged.

Fixed Masts

Fixed masts are exactly that - fixed. Teamed with efficient lighting they offer a great way to light large areas. perfect for car park lighting, airport lighting and sea port lighting.

Lighting Maintenance


We are lighting maintenance experts, for all type of high masts.

All lighting requires some level of maintenance over time and we can help you fulfil your legal obligations by ensuring your lighting systems are safe. Not only that but we can maintain and check your lighting to ensure it is giving you the right levels of performance.

Our high mast maintenance service covers

  • Balaji Engineers is Now ERDA Approved and MSEDCL INFRA Approved for 11kv A B Switch 400 Amp and 11kv Horn Gap 100 Amp
  • Balaji Engineers is now Approved Vender for HVDS in 11 kv 400 Amp A B Switch & 11 kv Horn Gap Fuse Set

  • Balaji Engineers is one of the largest distributor of SMC Three Phase Meter Box (Make - Sintex)

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Services We Offer

  • Balaji Engineers is Approved for RDSS Tender for A B Switch , Off load Isolators , Horn Gap Set , LT Dist Boxes , Fabrication material in MSEDCL and Other state electrical boards in India.
  • Balaji Engineers is MSEDCL Approved Vender for 11kV A B Switch, 11kV Horn Gap, LT Distribution Boxes 63/100/200 in Kitkat and MCCB Type, DTC Fabrication Material.
  • CT PT Replacement in Metering Cubical. For CT replacement in Metering Cubical

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