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Balaji Engineers - Manufacturer of Electrical Equipments and Government Licensed Electrical Contractor in  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, India
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Balaji Engineers - Manufacturer of Electrical Equipments and Government Licensed Electrical Contractor in  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, India

Frequently Asked Auestions

  • Why Earthing required ?
    • Earthing is the process of creating an alternative path of the flow of fault/excessive currents safely into the ground. The primary purpose of earthing is to reduce the risk of serious electric shock from current leaking into un insulated metal parts of an appliance, power tool, or other electrical devices. Earthing also provides protection form large electrical disturbance like lighting strikes and power surges.

      For proper earthing ,our product Perfect Earth electrode which is made up of GI Pipe and Pipe is recommend by Leading consultants and Electrical Govt Contractors ,

  • What Are the CT Ratio (For Metering arrangement ) available in MSEDCL
    • Hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection
      Pipe in pipe design
      Designed for fast fault current dissipation
      Low maintenance Earthing system
      Easy & fast installation on site
      Zinc coating on surface
      Enhanced corrosion protection
      Proven results, even in rocky soil
      More durability
      Stable results
      Application in Industry, Hospitals, Substation, Textile mills, Telecommunication, Transmission Towers, Transformers, Highrise Building, Refineries, windmills etc.

  • Procedure for pipe or rod electrode earthing. (How to erect GI pipe and pipe Earthing Electrode)
    • Make a borehole of 200 mm or 250 mm diameter in the soil upto 3.5 meters deep or as per the approved design and drawing. Lower down the Pipe electrode made of a 50 mm to 88 diameter GI in the hole ,

      Make slurry Back Fill Compounds EEC (Earth Enhance Compound ) with help of water ,after mixing properly with water , drain in to the hole around the Earthing Electrode .After certain quantity Mix some quantity of Soil and repeat procedure till end of compound , in this way make the sandwich pattern for entire compound ,

      After 3 days construct Chamber with civil material duly proper arrangement of water pipe along Chamber cover .Use Proper size of Copper Strip for Earthiing Electrode. Finally name the Chamber with its earthing No and value

      How to calculate cable sizes of moter

  • Procedure For Industrial Connection in Kolhapur ,Maharastra . (MSEDCL Application in Kolhapur )
    • Fill up form A1 providedby Govt Electrical Contractor (BaljaiEngineers,Kolhapur ) and submit it to the sub-division office of your area.

      Submit the all required documents.

      Once the application is submitted to the sub-division office, it will be followed by site visit by the Area Engineer to verify details.

      After the site visit, you will be issued a Firm Quotation form by the sub-division office. The certificate gives the break-up of amount to be paid like SLC, SCC, security deposit and meter charges.

      Appoint a Govt Electrical Contractor (Balaji Engineers ,Kolhapur ) to Co ordinate MSEDCL officials and Visit nearest tapping point for Industrial unit which technically feasible .

      Govt Contractor agency will erect required Infrastructure by procuring material from MSEDCL Approved venders

      Electrical Inspector Authority will check all distance between equipments and all safety aspects including Earthing and Proper erection of equipments as per Electrical standards.

      After proper documentation with MSEDCL with help of Governmentrecognised electrical contractors,Fill all receipts of amount paid and equipment Testing reports which allows MSEDCL to give final charging permission

      The same will be followed by visit by the Testing Engineer to test all wiring and installed equipments and the meter release the connection

  • Documents Required For Industrial Connection in Kolhapur ,Maharastra .
    • 1. A-1 Form with mentioning Load details, Emil ID & Mobile No.

      2. Cover Letter for application on Company’s letter head with stamp

      3. Copy of SSI Certificate

      4. Xerox copy of Electrical Contractor License

      5. Copy of MPCB Consent

      6.DDF Consent bond regarding work to be carried out under out under DDF Scheme (1.3%Supervision Charges)

      7. Transfer deed from MIDC/Plot allotment letter/related papers

      8. Application form for Load above 50KW

      9. NOC From MPCB (Letest)

      10. List of Machinery on Company’s letter head with stamp

      11. MD Calculation Sheet on Company’s letter head with stamp

      12. Site plan with point of supply Drawing with Company’s stamp

      13. Shift Certificate showing NO. of working Hours/day on Company’s letter head with stamp

      14. And other documents which are recently updated by MSEDCL .

  • What Are the CT Ratio (For Metering arrangement ) available in MSEDCL
    • AS per MSEDCL Latest circular No 8378 CT Ratio are 5/5A, 10/5A,25/5A,50/5A,100/5A,150/5A,200/5A,250/5A,300/5A,400/5A upto 33kV Class

  • Which RSJ Poles are used for 33 kv Overhead line Construction ?
    • 6” X 6” Rolled steel joist (RSJ) poles are used for 33 kv Overhead line Construction as per their sizes of 11 Meter ,12 Meter, 13 Meter.

  • What is check meter?
    • Parallel meter connected to Parallel CT and PT, check meter shall be used for accounting and billing of electricity in case of failure of main meter .

  • What is ABT Meter
    • @ Availability Based Tariff (ABT) feature Competent Meter .

  • Who Can do application for Power In MSEDCL for H T Consumer
    • Clint can do application in MSEDCL for being a H T Consumer , Govt Electrical Contractor is required to execute all erection of Electrical infrastructure as per Electrical Inspector and MSEDCL norms and Specification ,

  • Which type of Dist Boxes are Approved in MSEDCL Maharastra ?
    • @ 63 KVA KITKAT/ 100 KVA KITKAT / 200 KVA KITKAT

      63KVA MCCB / 100 KVA MCCB / 200 MCCB Boxes are approved in MSEDCL

  • Which A B Switch is approved in MSEDCL
    • @ 400 Amp A B Switch is approved in MSEDCL ,BalajiEnigneers ,Kolhapur is Approved Vender in MSEDCL for A B Switch

  • Which Horn Gap Set is approved in MSEDCL
    • @ 100 Amp Horn gap Set is approved in MSEDCL , BalajiEnigneers ,Kolhapur is Approved Vender in MSEDCL for Horn Gap Set .

  • Which Transformers are approved for MSEDCL in Maharastra
    • Transformer specification IS:1180(Part-1) : 2014 with (Amendment-1 August 2016) Outdoor type oil immersed distribution transformers up to and including 2500 kVA, 33kV.

  • What is Load Break switch
    • A load break switch (LBS) is a disconnect switch that has been designed to provide making or breaking of specified currents.

  • What is the Standard Specification IS Specification is MSEDCL ,Maharashtra
    • The Distribution Transformers shall conform to IS: 1180 (Part 1) : 2014 amended up to date or other International Standards for equal or better performance. Unless otherwise modified in this specification the Distribution Transformers shall comply with the Indian Standard Specification IS 1180 latest. This is for MSEDCL Transformers as well as H T Consumers private Transformer .

  • Which type of Jointing Kits are used for cable in MSEDCL , Maharashtra
    • End termination kit is used at the End of cable for lugging to Equipment , Conductor or the device of power source ,and straight through cable kit is used in between pieces two cable to joint them homogeneously ,A Expert Jointer is required to fix the kits to the cable , Normally all kits are fixed with Heat Shrink process ,Proper testing will be taken after fixation kits on cable.

  • What Are the CT Ratio (For Metering arrangement ) available in MSEDCL for Outdoor CT
    • AS per MSEDCL Latest circular No 8378 CT Ratio are 5/5A, 10/5A,25/5A,50/5A,100/5A,150/5A,200/5A,250/5A,300/5A,400/5A upto 33kV Class .

      Outdoor CTs are preferred at Windmill system .

  • How many types of conductor used for Overhead Lines in MSEDCL
    • The most common conductors which use transmission line are Aluminum Alloy Conductors. There are various types of sub conductors which use for Aluminum Alloy Conductors are AAAC, AACSR, ABB and ACSR. These types of conductors are use for transmission lines.

  • Which conductors are used in overhead line
    • In Normal practice of construction of overhead line - Weasal Conductor (Per K/M 128 kg) , Racoon Conductor (Per K/M 318 kg) , 0.1 Dog Conductor (Per K/M 394 kg) , ANT Conductor (Per K/M 145 kg) , GNT Conductor (Per K/M 74 kg) are used .

  • Which type of DTC/DP Fabrication material used in MSEDCL (Over head transmission line)
    • Mild steel (MS) Fabrication is used with Two coat of Red Oxide and Two coat of Silver Colour ,and in costal area Fabrication is treated with HOT DIP process .

  • Which type of material used in Solar Support Structure
    • It is made up of Hot Dip Angle fabricated as per various sizes and shape according to site drawing .

  • Outdoor CT PT Structure in MSEDCL
    • Outdoor CT PT Structure is constructed by MS Or Hot Dip Channels of size 100 x 50 along with 6’’x6” RSJ Pole , 50x50x6 Angle is used for Cross bracing ,Proper Excavation and Civil work made for RSJ Poles .

  • What the dimensions for Infra Type HT and LT Stay Sets in MSEDCL ,Maharashtra
    • In HT 20 mm and in LT 16 mm Rod are used .Dimension of HT Rod is 1910 mm and LT Stay Rod is 1830 mm .For H T and L T I bolt Dimension is 540 mm , For H T and L T turnbuckle 1015 mm .Also commercial Stay sets also served, HT stay and LT stay set are treated with Red colour and also served with Hot Dip Galvanized process for Coastal area .

  • Which Insulator used in transmission line
    • In Transmission Lines , most commonly used are pin type, suspension type, strain insulator and shackle insulator. Insulators are mainly ceramic type and polymer type .

  • What is suspension type Insulators
    • Suspension insulator - For voltages greater than 33 kV and long distance lines, it is a usual practice to use suspension type insulators, consisting of a number of glass or porcelain discs connected in series by metal links in the form of a string.

  • Why Lighting Arrester is used in Electrical System
    • A lightning arrester mounted on Top is a device used on electric power systems and telecommunication systems to protect the insulation and conductors of the system from the damaging effects of lightning

  • What is ESE Early Steamer Lightning Arrester
    • ESE Lightning arrester are mainly used to Protect proper surges of Lighting and provide information no of lightning strikes which our lightning protection system has safely discharged.

  • Capacity of Distribution Boxes in MSEDCL , Maharashtra ?
    • 63 kVA KitKat Type LT Distribution Boxes.
      100 kVA Kit Kat Type LT Distribution Boxes,
      200 kVA Kitkat Type LT Distribution Boxes,
      63 kVA MCCB Type LT Distribution Boxes,
      100 kVA MCCB Type LT Distribution Boxes,
      200 kVA MCCB Type LT Distribution Boxes,

  • Which type of Nutbolts are used in MSEDCL for Over head line Construction ?
    • In MSEDCL MS Nut bolts are used in MS Fabrication and GI Nut bolts are used in GI fabrication structure .

  • Which type of Strain Hardwere is used in MSEDCL
    • In MSEDCL Over head lines 0.3 Single bolted to 0.2 four bolted heavy duty are used .In suspension line ,suspension over head line special Suspension hardware according to conductor size is used.

  • Which type of G I Wire used in MSEDCL Over head lines ?
    • In MSEDCL 6 and 8 SWG G I wire is used for earthing purpose as well as guarding of pole to safe the conductor on Road etc places .

  • How many earthings of copper are specified to Metering Cubical in MSEDCL
    • In MSEDCL 9 NosEarthing pits are specified along with copper strip , individual earthing is specified to equipment from earthing Pit .