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Balaji Engineers - Manufacturer of Electrical Equipments and Government Licensed Electrical Contractor in  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, India
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Balaji Engineers - Manufacturer of Electrical Equipments and Government Licensed Electrical Contractor in  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, India

Balaji Engineers has a highly experienced and expert technical team for maintenance of High Voltage and EHV (Extra High Voltage) equipment. such as Load Break Switch ,VCB (Vacuum circuit breaker ) , SF6 breaker from Voltage level 11kv,22kv,33kv,132kv upto 220 kv We fallow standard method for maintenance for electrical high voltage and Extra high voltage equipment

Visual examination of VCB

The easiest and most basic exam is the visual one. Visual inspection for dirt and cracking can be performed on a number of components, including drive insulators and moulded pole unit supports. Similar checks can be made on the components of the control circuit, such as the wire and terminals. A visual inspection is available to check for debris and dust in the operating mechanism. Together with visual inspection, it is sometimes possible to feel and sense the parts, for example, to examine the tightness of hardware or operating mechanisms.

Substation Maintenance service

Substation Maintenance service

SF6 Circuit Breaker Maintenance

We undertake maintenance of SF6 breakers of all make , we have well experienced technicians for substation maintenance.

We fallow maintenance procedures and schedules for all oil circuit breakers, air circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breakers, and vacuum circuit breakers are standard operating mechanisms ,If case an undesirable SF6 low gas pressure alert sounds, the SF6 circuit breaker needs to be checked for SF6 gas leaking. Gas leakage detectors are effective at doing this.

Gradient capacitors that are part of the circuit breaker must be inspected monthly for oil leaks.

Plug any leaks if you find any. Every three to four years, the dew point of SF6 should be tested using a dew point metre or hygrometer.

Failure in pole of Sf6 should be replaced during maintenance.

Maintenance of LBS (Load break Switch )

We undertake maintenance of both on load and offload Load break switch of 11kv,22kv,33kv indoor as well as outdoor , We have technical team to maintain LBS for its smooth working during charged condition , Mainly spring action work is very important task in LBS maintains , We check all parameters as per manufacturers guideline , Greasing ,Oiling ,Cleaning , replacement of faulty parts , spring working , mechanical testing and recharging the LBS is the core job we take place at site

We are committed to provide best maintenance services in time . We cater private consumer substation , H T Clint Substation , MSEDCL Substation , MSETCL Substation , Solar Substation, Windmill Substation, generation Substation , Powergrid substation , NTPC substation, RDSO substation , Metro railway substation , E V Charging substation , co generation substation , Traction substation .