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  • Behind Kolhapur Axle,

  • M.I.D.C., Shiroli, Kolhapur

  • 09:30 - 06:30

  • Tuesday to Sunday

  • Behind Kolhapur Axle,

  • M.I.D.C., Shiroli, Kolhapur

  • 09:30 - 06:30

  • Tuesday to Sunday

Why Earthing

Earthing is the process of creating an alternative path of the flow of fault/excessive currents safely into the ground. The primary purpose of earthing is to reduce the risk of serious electric shock from current leaking into un insulated metal parts of an appliance, power tool, or other electrical devices. Earthing also provides protection form large electrical disturbance like lightning strikes and power surges.

Perfect Earth Electrode

BALAJI ENGINEERS Kolhapur, Introducing Technically honest product for perfect earthing system with brand name PERFECT EARTH ELECTRODE, with proven pipe n pipe technology, Internal compound in between pipe is CCC (Carbon Crystal Compound) with is mixture of 8 different compounds to insure the low earthing values, Outside compound is Jelly EEC (Earth Enhance Compound) gives stable result and hold water contain around the earth electrode, moreover “PERFECT EARTH ELECTRODE” is also tested is Hard rock soil and results are stable and very low as per observation made.

Perfect Earthing Electrode

Crystalline Conductive Compounds (CCC)

The volume between the inner and outer pipes of the electrode is occupied by Compact Fill a compound formula developed by BALAJI ENGINEERS in pioneer products “ PERFECT EARTH ELECTRODE” which aids in increasing the electrical conductivity, services life and current with-stand capacity of the earthing electrode. It constitutes elements picked up from nature and is anti corrosive too. It is homogeneous mixer of 8 Different required for increases the total life of earthing pit.

Back Fill Compounds EEC (Earth Enhance Compound)

These are earth enhancement compounds which have different properties depending on soil and other atmospheric conditions. Essentially, BALAJI ENGINEERS succeed introduce a compound has high electrical conductivity, moisture capture and retention abilities and anti corrosive properties. Compound has been designed to function is soil environments where electrical conductivity is low. It helps to improve the conductivity of the soil to aid in faster current dissipation while at the same time having hygroscopic and anti corrosive properties.

Earth Enhancement compound EEC (Jelly form)

It is specially designed soil reactivation earthling compound in Jelly form. Compound is anti-corrosive and also reduce seasonal fluctuation of resistivity. It helps to keep earth pit resistivity as lower as possible.

Back Fill Compounds EEC (Earth Enhance Compound)

  • Hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection
  • Pipe in pipe design
  • Designed for fast fault current dissipation
  • Low maintenance Earthing system
  • Easy & fast installation on site
  • Zinc coating on surface
  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Proven results, even in rocky soil
  • More durability
  • Stable results
  • Application in Industry, Hospitals, Substation, Textile mills, Telecommunication, Transmission Towers, Transformers, Highrise Building, Refineries, windmills etc.

Back Fill Compounds EEC (Earth Enhance Compound)

Model Length m Inner Pipe diameter, mm outer Pipe diameter, mm
Perfect-50 1 & 2 & 3 25 50
Perfect-76 1 & 2 & 3 33 76
Perfect-88 1 & 2 & 3 42 88

“PERFECT ”Earth electode is well established brand in Maharashtra, Karanataka and Goa , We have our wide dealers network to cater fastest delivery to clients , In shiroli we carry huge stock upto 500 to 750 Nos of each category of electrode,

Results :- “PERFECT ”Earth electode given upto 2.2ohm Rsults in rocky soil and in rechecking schedule after 3 Months it gaves 2.4 Ohm means absolute no fluctuation in results,

Method of Erection of Perfect Earth Electrode

In case of 1 Meter Electrode all category in soft soil manual excavation can be done up to 1 Meter, with dimension 1Feet x1Feet X 1 Meter, pits is to be prepared by manually, After that 1 Meter PERFECT EARTH ELCTRODE is to alien in the center of the pit,

Main while Back Fill Compounds EEC (Earth Enhance Compound ) is to mix with water make a medium type slurry in bucket,

BY keeping centre the Electrode EEH slurry will be inserted in hallow gap of electrode section ,after 25 % we need to insert 25% Soil again in this way we need to do sandwich type EEH slurry and Soil in hallow pit,

After completion of processes A Proper civil Chamber is to be built around Earthing Electrode And a adequate watering system should provided to each chamber,

In Case of 2/3 Meter electrode and in hard soil boring (drilling) is required ; with boring vehicle makes 8’’ Drill in hard rocky soil, Bore machine makes 10 Feet boring ,after that Technician should insert Earthing electrode in the center of the pit and back filling power method is same as given above (as like 1 meter),

After three Days Copper strip 25x5 / GI strip 50 x 10 etc are connected through luging tip of Eathing electrode to equipment’s,

Turn Key Solutions

Balji Engineer’s Provides all turn Key Solution in Earthing, We provides Survey of new equipments, Also take results of Old existing system analyses them, provide Perfect Earthing Electrode, GI Patti, Arrange and make erection of 3 meter Earthing electrode by Bore Vehicle (Drill), Construct Civil chamber, Making Water arrangement, Final observation of results,

Also we started a wing for Earthing maintains for HT Consumers for 3 months, 6 Months and annual basis.

Inspection of Earthing

Our team conduct testing of each earthing pit by Digital Earth taster,

Perfect Earth Electrode Vs Conventional Earthing

Techno Commercial Comparison

1 There are two pipes one inside the other, ie pipe in pipe technology and one more method is Pipe and Strip Type Only a single Pipe or plate either GI/CI/Cu of particular dimension
2 Corrosion rate is very slow 100% Fasr corrosion because quality of pipe ,
3 No fluctuation of ohmic value. Fluctuation of  ohmic  value is more results in frequent maintenance of machine & also danger to human life  
4 Ohmic value reduces with time Ohmic value increases with time
5 Since PERFECT EARTH ELECTRODE is surrounded by highly conductive soil so the Charge Dissipation through the electrode is very fast. & the current density across the electrode is very low which results in very high fault current, is sufficient to trip the fault relays. In short it is very sensitive earthing system Distribution of short circuit is less in terms high potential at the pit which result in low fault current in comparison to required tripping circuit of fault protection Comparatively less sensitive system.
6 Galvanization  is adequate  i.e.,  80-100 Galvanization is not adequate. microns
7 There is an additional zinc coat on the outer surface No additional zinc coat is given
8 PERFERCT EARTH ELECTRODE is non  –  corrosive, so there  is not much variation in ohmic value. Salt, charcoal is used as back fill compound, as salt is highly corrosive electrolyte, it corrodes G. I. / C. I. electrodes / G. I. & copper earth plate. Finally get the high ohmic value
9 The Earth enhancing compound is not soluble in Water & it becomes part of the soil around the electrode. Back fill compound (salt) used will be Washed away in rainy seasons & will be resulted in high ohmic value.
10 It requires less space & time to install It requires a large space & time to install
11 The PH value is between 7 to 9 shows basic in nature PH value shows acidic nature.
12 Life Is more than 15 years Life is 4 to 6 yrs.
13 Assured results. No assurance
14 Earthing Electrode depth is more in mother soil Most of the times earthing is done in a 4 to 5 feet deep soil, where the soil is nearly a dead soil & no conductivity  there.
15 No regular watering is required Regularly watering is required.
16 No cost of Charcoal & salt Additional cost of charcoal & salt
17 In Rocky, sandy & filler soil excavation cost is low & easy to install In rocky sandy & filler soil digging is a tedious job.
  • Balaji Engineers is Now ERDA Approved and MSEDCL INFRA Approved for 11kv A B Switch 400 Amp and 11kv Horn Gap 100 Amp
  • Balaji Engineers is now Approved Vender for HVDS in 11 kv 400 Amp A B Switch & 11 kv Horn Gap Fuse Set

  • Balaji Engineers is one of the largest distributor of SMC Three Phase Meter Box (Make - Sintex)

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Balaji Engineers is now Approved Vender for HVDS in 11 kv 400 Amp A B Switch & 11 kv Horn Gap Fuse Set

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